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xml в текст

SELECT [dd hh:mm:ss.mss]
      ,CAST(sql_text AS nvarchar(max))
  FROM [dbo].[www_AxaptaInfoBoardWhoIsActive]
CAST([sql_text] AS nvarchar(max)) LIKE ('%UPDATE %') and
          CAST([sql_text] AS nvarchar(max)) LIKE ('%InventTable%') AND
--sql_text  LIKE ('%InventTable%') AND
 datepart(YEAR,start_time) BETWEEN 2015 AND 2015 and
                    datepart(month,start_time) BETWEEN 11 AND 11 and
                    datepart(day,start_time) BETWEEN 17 AND 18  AND
          --DATEPART(hour,start_time) BETWEEN 13 AND 23 AND
          database_name IN ('ax_molniya') 
ORDER BY start_time


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