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вычисляем какой процесс вызывает блокировку

-- вычисляем какой процесс вызывает блокировку
@find_block_leaders = 1,
@output_column_list = '[dd%][session_id][sql_text][login_name][wait_info][cpu%][temp%][block%][reads%][writes%][context%][physical%][used_memory][status][open_tran_count][percent%][host_name][database_name][program_name][start_time][login_time][request_id][collection_time]', 
@destination_table = 'tsd1.dbo.[www_AxaptaInfoBoardWhoIsActive]'
-- конец

Задание запускать раз в минуту

  FROM [tsd1].[dbo].[www_AxaptaInfoBoardWhoIsActive]
  WHERE CONVERT(CHAR(8),COLLECTION_time,8) BETWEEN '07:00:00' AND '18:00:00' AND
       datepart(YEAR,start_time) BETWEEN 2015 AND 2015 and
       datepart(month,start_time) BETWEEN 08 AND 08 and
       datepart(day,start_time) BETWEEN 20 AND 21
ORDER BY start_time


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